Waffle Maker and Machine Manufacturers – Rotating (Square)

We are Waffle Maker manufacturers in India and Waffle Machine Manufacturers in India and have exclusive range of Waffle Makers. Waffle machines are made of steel body with nonstick surface and timer control. Waffle Maker is power efficient and are covered under a warranty period of one year.We are also known as Waffle Iron manufacturers in India.

Nowadays, Waffles becoming fancy and popular within India especially among the youngsters. Waffles are quite famous among but still for those four people who don’t know about waffles. It is generally used as a snack and is made from a liquid batter which is cooked between two plates which are hot and converts the batter into a unique solid form and shape which is sweet in taste.


  • Stainless steel body
  • Rotates 180 degrees to spread the batter for uniform baking
  • Electronic timer control with digital display
  • German Thermostat
  • Aluminum hot plates with nonstick surface available in two sizes – Big Slots & Small Slots
  • Power efficient


  • Size: (L x W x H) cm: 30 X 18 X 30
  • Weight: 15 Kg

Some Important Points for selection of Waffle Maker

Shape of Waffle Maker: The waffle iron maker can be bought in numerous shapes such as square, round, fancy shapes like hearts or cartoon characters. Select the one which perfectly suit your needs.

Non-stick plates: It would be beneficial for you if you select the non-stick plates. The use of non-stick plates will make waffles exactly the same shape as you want. We are as one of the best Waffle Machine Manufacturers in India provides Non-stick plates in Waffle Machines.

Browning Control Setting: Waffle Iron Manufacturers in India have done browning setting of the waffle iron maker which becomes an important feature. It helps you to cook the waffles perfectly brown coloured and crispy in taste. The browning setting helps you to control the heat setting. For darker brown waffles you have to increase the heat of the browning control. In case of lighter waffles you should reduce the heat of the browning control.

Spread out Reservoir: It’s an one of the important feature of the maker which takes hold of the batter which is overflowing from the maker.

Size of Maker: Waffle Maker manufacturers in India have made various sizes of Waffle makers. Select the waffle maker which may perfectly suits to your kitchen space.

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